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The Increasingly Important Role of Managed Security Service Providers
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The threats found within the digital world are now more serious than ever before. Whether referring to Zero-Day Ransomware, phishing or DDoS attacks, organisations need to take such possibilities very seriously. The irony is that procuring adequate levels of protection can prove to be challenging for businesses which have neither the time nor the experience. Thus, the role of the managed security service provider becomes quite clear. 


Layered and Thorough Protection

From a general point of view, the managed security service provider (MSSP) is concerned with...

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Practical Advice
How to Prevent CEO Fraud
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According to a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, over $3 billion has been lost in the past three years due to CEO fraud or Business Email Compromise. And the impact has been nothing short of significant in all the reported cases. In fact, since the FBI started tracking the CEO frauds, it has compiled about 7000 plus victimized U.S companies and losses amounting to about $740 million and counting.


Beware of the signs

While most times you will barely realize that there has been a Business Email Compromise until it's too late, there are certain red flags that could help...

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How To Handle Project Failure
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Hopes were high for the new project that was supposed to change the whole enterprise structure. But after one year, not even one milestone has been reached. The project manager has quit and the team members are in constant debate. How does one handle such a project failure?


Why Projects Fail

The major reasons why most IT projects fail is that executives lay unclear objectives and do not engage in the project. A project – especially if everything is already planned – is likely to fail if it trails behind schedule and if it consistently fails to achieve the...

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Which Social Media Platform Is Best In Business Promotion?
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Social Media is now more important than ever and the power social media platforms have in regards to advertising and marketing is strong. The biggest advantage social media advertising has over other forms of promotion is the ability for businesses to target their exact audience with a few simple steps. Knowing how to utilise different social media platforms can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to online advertising. 


A Breakdown Of The Best Platforms


Facebook is a good platform for interaction between consumers and businesses. Their...

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Improving Your Business With Reputation Management
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Businesses are swiftly shifting to the online platform which has seen small businesses grow rapidly while some major enterprises have been destroyed by their online existence. Online reputation plays a crucial role in every business and managers should be keen on ensuring that they avoid any negative reviews. 


Search Engine Influence on Online Reputation 

The search engine algorithms of ranking sites have been changing dynamically over the past years. Search engines like Google and Bing are putting sites with a good reputation on their first page, which means...

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Why enterprises are employing new workstyle strategies
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According to research carried out by Dimension Data titled "Digital Workplace Report: Transforming your business" artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but it is already having a huge impact in driving transformation in many organisations. The report was carried out in 5 continents across 15 countries and surveyed 800 organisations. The big takeaway from this report is that many organisations are now moving to digital and virtual workplaces, with this trend expected to increase in the coming years.


The primary drivers

Enterprises believe that adaptation of...

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Omnichannel: How Retailers Can Get It Right
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Customer experience is very crucial in retail as it determines its success or failure. The expectation of a consistent shopping experience is high, since customers want to have interactive, relevant and targeted experiences. With the increasing competition in ecommerce, retailers are more compelled than ever to give their clients a seamless shopping experience. This is achieved through the omnichannel retail strategy. What is critical here is not just to create another channel to market the product, but to provide a really great experience.


How to Make It Happen

The first thing to...

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Practical Advice
Getting Your E-Mail Marketing Right
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It may seem that social media platforms such as Facebook ads have surpassed e-mail marketing as the highest earner when it comes to generating more sales and revenue. However, this is not the case. By comparing the two platforms, e-mails generate up to 4 times higher ROI. This shows that e-mail is still a crucial marketing strategy for most companies. But businesses need to employ some strategies for it to be successful. 


Know and focus on your target audience 

Your audience will most likely find the e-mail engaging if it comes from a trustworthy source.

And while...

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Cybersecurity Stress Tests: Proactive Solutions for Modern Times
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Although the majority of small- to medium-sized enterprises have contingency plans in place to deal with security issues, it is estimated that a mere 14 per cent have actually carried out tests to gauge the efficacy of these systems – according to a research by Policy Bee. This is a critical concern, as it is otherwise very difficult to uncover any weak points within existing IT infrastructure. What is a stress test and how can one be conducted in order to tackle potential threats or vulnerabilities?


Cybersecurity Stress Tests at a Glance

Any stress test primarily involves...

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Chatbots taking over customer support
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There is no arguing about the importance of a fast and reliable customer support in a company. As one of the most resource-intensive departments, it is also an area where it is hard to link a Return on Investment (ROI). This is because support spends most of its time communicating with customers and other departments.

However, recent innovations in messaging services and the introduction of chatbots as a mean of communicating with customers at a basic level aims at reducing manpower and providing better customer support. The introduction of this new AI technology brings with itself that...

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