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Why There Is Need to Opt For Managed SD-WAN Services
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Digitization of various sectors has continued to grow and improve due to technology advances. The dependence on Wide Area Network technologies to connect multiple enterprise applications has grown. Businesses tend to find the ultimate solution to connect their expansive and increasing number of branches. Software-defined WAN is a technology that has improved the performance and efficiency of wide area networks. The SD WAN is usually a managed service in the case where users enroll in a monthly subscription to a service provider. These services include installation, control, and maintenance...

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Ways to prevent Omnichannel Fraud
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The ability for customers to shop via their mobile phones provides flexibility and also allows companies to find new ways to engage consumers. Retail payments in the U.S. are expected to exceed $220 billion in 2017. However, as the use of mobile payments increases, so is the increase in fraud. Cybercrime seems to keep pace with developments in technology and is turning out to be a complex web, which perpetrates both online and physical channels.


Why Omnichannel fraud manifests itself

Omnichannel businesses are those that conduct business both on their premises and also...

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Three Trends Driving the Growth of the Distribution Sector
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Distribution companies have become extremely complicated with plenty opportunities to serve various types of customers worldwide. In the United States only, distributor sales amount to about $3.2 trillion. The reason behind such astounding numbers is partly due to distribution covering various segments of the broad market, ranging from food-service and grocery to furniture and household fixtures. Propelling this growth in the distribution sector, there are three main factors that corporations are finding notably significant:


1. Technology

Most distribution business people are...

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Practical Advise
The first steps to persona-based marketing
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Persona-based marketing is increasingly becoming the most effective product promotion strategy. The reason for this is that it requires you to put yourself in the shoes of different customers groups. It is from this perspective that you are to view your product. It enables you to customise your content to meet the specific needs of each of customer. It makes handling your leading prospects easy as you have an idea of their needs.

Like all things worth having in life, it is not easy to crack the art of this marketing plan. Nonetheless, three actions can set you on the path of successful...

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Practical Advice
Making sure Santa doesn’t deliver a gift-wrapped compliance complaint
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Just what senior managers always wanted – a compliance complaint after the holiday season. Gift giving and receiving is a corporate minefield, from ill-judged secret Santa presents that cause offence to employees, to over-lavish Christmas entertainment from existing or would-be suppliers. 


Better be safe than sorry

It’s very difficult to take away a gift that’s already been given, or rescind an invitation acceptance, so the best approach is to make sure everyone is aware in advance of what is and isn’t acceptable. Monitoring for bribery and corruption by...

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Practical Advice
Ways to enhance the supply chain
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A supply chain can be described as the total sum of all processes that a commodity goes through from production to distribution. With so many parts involved, there is a noticable likelihood of inefficiencies. However, often-times processes can be streamlined to boost operational efficiencies. Here are 5 simple steps that can enhance efficiency, profitability and flexibility of a supply chain operation.


1. Audit and optimize processes

Although conducting an audit is a complex and time consuming process, it can be of huge advantage to a supply chain. It is advised to work out...

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The 3 Pillars of Lean Management
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The Lean Management concept was first introduced by the TOYOTA company in their automobile manufacturing facilities in the 1970s. 

The godfather of the concept and terminology was the engineer Taiichi Ohno who went on to become vice president of the Japanese manufacturing giant. Of course, the specifics of Lean Management vary from industry to industry, but there are three basic principles to this extremely popular (and effective) business philosophy.


1. Focus on the Client

Whereas traditional manufacturing philosophy focused on raw materials (the push), the lean...

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Practical Advise
How to Write the Perfect Sales Offer
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Selling your services or products is one of the hardest tasks that marketers encounter in every business. Whether you are launching a new product or service, or marketing existing ones, creating a perfect sales offer is the key to gaining more leads. There are several elements which you need to consider when approaching your potential clients.


Create Value

The first question that customers ask when you approach them with a sales offer is how your product or service is superior to the rest in the market. Your sales offer should provide value over cost in that the potential client will...

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Choosing the right digital collaboration tools for your business
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Thanks to the changes in the way we work today – mobile devices, the cloud, virtual commuting being the tip of a very large iceberg – businesses are starting to see a proliferation of different collaboration software. And it’s important.

With teams sometimes separated by vast geographical distances, collaboration tools can allow them to work almost seamlessly, and this can be the difference between a project’s success or failure. So how can you be sure to pick the right combination of products for your collaboration suite?

Here are some simple questions to ask...

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The Top 4 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2018
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Enterprise Mobility is gaining traction at a fast pace, with more than 2.5 million employees expected to work through smartphones by 2018. Here are the top enterprise mobility trends for 2018:


1. Popularity of BYOD to Increase 

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) culture is already popular in enterprises, and it will be further entrenched in 2018. BYOD offers a win-win solution in terms of lesser hardware and training costs for employers, and greater convenience, flexibility, and productivity improvement for employees.


2. Intuitive Apps to Become the Focal Point of...

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