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Intel ditches McAfee name in rebranding exercise
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Ever since John McAfee started his business in 1987 his surname as become synonymous with security software. He left the company only a few years later in 1994, leading a colourful life since to say the least. When Intel acquired McAfee in 2010, the name carried on, but as is often the case the time came when Intel decided a change was needed as part of a re-branding. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2014, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich declared that the McAfee name was to be removed from the software, to be replaced by Intel Security.

McAfee remain a wholly owned...

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Microsoft and its proximity to Cloud
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At CeBIT, I had the opportunity a few words with Mr. Dietmar Meng (Business Manager, Business Group Server, Tools & Cloud) to change.

The booth of Microsoft made it clear that solutions from Microsoft are long gone simple user tools in the Office Spreadsheet, creating presentations or writing letters. With its specialized partners Microsoft white cover a wide variety of specialized topics. Because Microsoft products are the basis for many specialized applications of mobile solutions to industry 4.0.

Videoconferencing systems from Polycom are working partly with Lync together, Adesso...

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Software of crucial importance to Industry 4.0
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The 4th industrial revolution, in short Industry 4.0, is clearly software-driven. Rainer Glatz, managing director of the German professional associations for Electric Automation and Software within the VDMA (Association of German Machinery- and Plant Engineering), is commenting on the repercussions on mechanical engineers in the run-up to the AMB, the International Exposition of Metal Working in Stuttgart from 16th to 20th September 2014.

“The increasing importance of software constitutes a specific challenge for the machine tool industry with mechanics as its domain for decades. The...

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Google share price up after strong second quarter
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Google posted revenues of $17.7bn, up 11% compared with the same period in 2014, while profits were up 17% to $3.93bn

( Source: www.computerweekly.com )
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3D printers capture business world
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According to a representative survey, carried out among companies, every seventh IT company is aware of the revolutionary potential of 3D printers. The survey was conducted by order of the high-tech organization BITCOM this year.


76 per cent of the companies take the view that, at any rate, those new appliances will considerably change the industries involved.


Merely 8 per cent of those polled feel that 3D printers will not be of great importance in the future.


Thus, an overwhelming majority consider 3D printers changing the entire world of production in a defining way....

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Mobility, B2B, and Omni Channel – the ECommerce trends of 2015
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As Hamburg based IT-Sourcing specialist Nexinto informs, in 2015, the ECommerce sector will be growing as well. Online sales and distribution is changing faster than any other economical sector. It is essential to companies to keep it rolling, so that they do not miss the bus.


Agile procedures are notably important in deployment and development. The customers` requirements are highly volatile, so that the release cycles of the years and months are not that important any more. Here, it is about days and hours.


Omni channels supersede Cross and multi channels. The customer is...

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Very of the moment - FlexPod by NetApp and Cisco
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The change to integrated IT-infrastructures in the field of business is substantially gathering pace. The success story of FlexPod, a product developed by the fabricators NetApp and Cisco, is representative of that. Since its market launch in 2010 it has realized the sales revenue in the amount of more than three Billion Dollar.


In far more than 100 countries, companies use the integration of storage media, server, and network components via FlexPod. In Germany, for instance, Haribo and Börse Stuttgart use this product. On the whole, more than 4.000 companies (of these 200 in...

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