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Things That Organisations Should Know About Supply Chain Risk Management
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Supply chain risk management (SCRM) is the efforts that organisations make to help them detect, monitor, and mitigate threats to their supply chain. An efficient supply chain risk management plan takes the following elements into account: 


Trading Partners 

Partners include carriers, suppliers, service providers, technology services and other services that can access your private information. Issues arising from suppliers include their location, the safety of their facilities and employees, insurance and safety of the plants and the operators. Many organisations only have...

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Cloud Configuration: What You Should Know
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Cloud configuration involves setting a cloud environment’s software and hardware details to facilitate efficient communication and interoperation. The configuration process is straightforward, however, there are situations where the cloud environment is complex and getting overwhelming. Nevertheless, the provider has to do all it takes to ensure that communication is secure, performance is acceptable, and services are reliable in such environments. 


How Configuration Works 

To enhance sound interaction of the client and provider’s environment, cloud application...

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What is IT performance Management? 
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IT performance management is a strategy that involves an organisation supervising its information technology (IT) in order to analyse whether the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the budget and service levels meet the company’s set goals. IT performance management entails standardisation of IT tools, cloud management, application management monitoring (APM), guidance on both human and capital resources of the company and buying decisions. This is facilitated by specific tools that are used for monitoring. The term also refers to a certain group of software tools that help the...

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Vital Software Trends That Value of Value Added Resellers (VARs) Should Watch
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Value-added resellers (VARs) are business models that are designed to create integrations, products, and smart features that can enhance existing products or services. Such a business model has an important role in packaging an existing product or service with enhancements and reselling it as a full-service solution. VARs specialize in a wide range of technologies, software, and hardware. CEOs in tech-savvy organizations and businesses are concerned about the growth and profit margins of their businesses than point solutions as front-office SaaS keeps advancing. Therefore, VRAs or channel...

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