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Strengthening Communication In Channel Partnerships
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Cooperation and communication are two essential factors in the success of a company in today’s corporate world, as there is a greater need to stay updated, being aware of new trends and constantly innovating products and services to enable growth amidst fierce competition. As a result, it is necessary for companies to not only view partners as a separate entity of a business, but an integral one, and strive to get more involved with teams to get a more hands-on experience of the processes that help achieve company objectives. 


Increased productivity 


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Important Reasons for Investing in IT Security
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Big or small business need to invest in IT security. Most organizations, especially small business tend to think they do not require IT security. They assume they could never be targets of cyber terrorism, data breach or theft because of their modest nature. As the rate of IT security investment is declining, here is why your organization needs to prioritize it: 


Protecting Classified Data 

Every organization has highly confidential information that should remain private. The data could be the company’s trading secrets, patents, reports, and other crucial...

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What Are Sales Control Systems?
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Sales controls are simply the procedures a manager follows to make sure their team is doing the right things at the right time. These control systems enhance the performance and welfare of the sales representatives. There are two types of sales controls: behaviour-based and outcome based.

Outcome-based Sales Control

This form of sales control is more common since it is easier to track. In this system, compensation is given depending on the dollar value of the sales made. There are several problems with this control system, the biggest being the fact that your sales reps are likely to...

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Tips for a Successful Roadshow
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Roadshows are excellent marketing tools. If well planned and executed, these events can help you understand the market and even boost interest in your products. Here are some tips to help you plan a successful roadshow: 


Choose High-Traffic Areas 

Your roadshows should be organised in places with high traffic. Otherwise, you will not effectively reach your target market. If you are unfamiliar with the town or city, you can seek help from locals or even officials in tourism industries


Choose the Towns and Cities Carefully 

Roadshows should not just be set...

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