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How to create personalised email marketing campaigns for connecting with your customers
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As a marketer, your job is to create a positive experience for your potential customers. Offering your product or service through email marketing will do just that, but the question is; how can you personalise email marketing so it gets more clicks? Read this article to find out.

Use your real name
When you write an email to your potential customers, you would address them using their name in order to show that the email is legitimate. Since you don’t want your email to leave your customer feeling cold, it’s best that you use either your real name or include your brand name in...

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Inside Story
Pokemon Go: The 2nd step of the business model
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Pokémon Go has restarted the Pokémon cultural boom that we saw in the late 1990s. Although the Pokémon franchise never truly faded in popularity, street signs warning drivers not to play Pokémon Go have cropped up, alongside police advisories. In New York City's largest parks, stampedes of players can occasionally be seen chasing some of the game's rarest virtual critters.

Now, the game's creators Niantic have made public the second part of their business model (the first being in-app purchases). Real-world businesses of all stripes can pay to...

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Steps in Understanding How Muse Headband Works

Muse has been rated as the first tool anywhere in the world giving the user real-time and accurate feedback on what is taking place in brain during meditation. It is has been proven to bring numerous benefits over time and is built around focused attention-based training exercises.

Connecting Muse Headband
You start by linking Muse to your mobile device app through Bluetooth, done once only. When you use it for the first time, you’ll be guided through a simple tutorial on adjusting your Muse headband for the best fit and to make sure your brain signals are being read in the best...

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A step towards a cloud-based future
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The need for quick access of information by the users of Microsoft and Facebook has led the two companies to team up and build "MAREA", which is an undersea cable that aims at improving connectivity and speed to access of information across the Atlantic. The cable will extend from Virginia Beach to Bilbao, Spain. This cable is 4,101 miles (6,600 kilometres) in length. It will then be extended to network hubs in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Microsoft is creating a perfect room for the world's change to a cloud-based future. There are various avenue put in place to enhance the...

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Google's Project Fi - Changing The Way Phones Use Wireless

Google's Project Fi can help you to save money in the long run, especially if you travel. Although it should be recognised that it might not be for everyone. 

Since its launch Project Fi's service was a mere experimental one. The word Project was a giveaway as to the nature of its service. At first the service was only avaliable by invitation, but earlier in March 2016, Google opened the service up to everyone. 

Project Fi has shaken up the wireless industry since launch as it comes with a promise of being cheaper. The first thing that comes to mind when Project Fi is...

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Explore the New IBM Watson Features in the Twilio Marketplace

Twilio has teamed up with IBM to offer new IBM Watson features. Twilio works as a tool of communications for developers and businesses and makes the new Message Sentiment and Insights features available in form of add-ons for its marketplace. According to IBM, users of the new add-on will have access to additional messaging capabilities, which will allow businesses to understand keywords, entities and sentiments, with the sole aim of getting actionable insights from the raw data. 

Easy to integrate
The add-ons will come as part of the package of Twilio’s...

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The Rise of the Petabyte? Big Data Goes Small
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As the world of computing has advanced, the amounts of data that we are capable of storing has exponentially grown. While 500 megabytes of data storage was considered to be impressive only a handful of years ago, most smartphones boast gigabytes of capacity. However, we may very well soon see such an impressive capability evolve to an entirely new level thanks to a novel storage method. Scientists believe that it is within reason to store up to an incredible petabyte of data on a polymer disk the size of a common DVD.

The Power of Light

The basic principle behind data storage involves the...

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Snapchat Measures 3V Advertising
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Collecting data on the effect of Snapchat video advertising helps advertisers improve the performance of their campaigns. Learn about Snapchat's new audience measurement partner and how the alliance will benefit their clients. 

Partnering With Nielsen
Snapchat's digital advertising has the potential to be far more effective than traditional media, since it can reach the right consumers anywhere they are. Snapchat's new measurement partner is Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings. Nielsen is an innovative organisation which helps businesses in over 100 countries meet the needs of...

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We Have Achieved Memory Technology Breakthrough, Says IBM Researchers
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IMB researchers are celebrating yet another milestone: they have successfully created the phase-change memory (PCM), which retains data even when power is shut down. The system can also run over countless read-write cycles. This is a great achievement that will offer a different phase in data management and use of devices. One of the benefits of the technology is the fact it can store up to three bits per PCMs cell arrays as opposed to one. 

The speed is also impressive and the technology is geared towards enhancing endurance and density. This means cost-effective data management on...

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Apple Pay: Innovative Payment System Of The Future
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Apple are constantly expanding, with their vast range of technological innovations, the introduction of Apple Pay has put the company above competitors. Apple's payment platform allows users to make digital payments on the move, and online, through their Apple devices. A large number of retail outlets now offers customers the option to pay for their goods using the contemporary payment system. 

Rapid Expansion
The global spread of Apple products and constant demand is reportedly having an effect on the expansion of the digital payment system. Apple Pay is currently available to...

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