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Ford's efforts to de-congest major cities
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Ford has announced that it will acquire the Chariot – a shuttle for commuter ride-sharing that operates in San Francisco that will form a section of its plan to address the problem of growing congestion in urban areas. Ford also confirmed that it is joining hands with a bike-sharing service known as Motivate, to come up with "Ford GoBike" service across the Bay Area and San Francisco.

App for Users 
Motivate offers its services in 12 cities across the globe. It has designed an application for users of bike-sharing; this app helps users provide information...

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Inside Story
Apple accesories now available at Macy's stores
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There has been a significant transformation in Macy's as they partners with Apple so as to strengthen their selling in all their stores across with the first store set to be at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City. This partnership may be seen to mark Macy's as the first division to house an Apple store (which only retailed at Target and Best Buy stores) boosting its business which was on the leeward side recently forcing it to close several of its stores leaving only a few to operate. 2017 seems to be the year the company is targeting to accomplish several objectives,...

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Feeling the Full Impact of IOT7
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More than ever before since it first made its appearance more than 15 years ago, the Internet of Things (IOT) has generated a lot of excited conversation. According to experts, IOT7 is fast embracing other areas of day-to-day life other than the business operations and supply chain. The increasing opportunities have been opened up by the entrance of more and more devices to the IOT club.

Increased Availability of Data

One of the best features of 10T7 is its ability to take marketing into a whole new level by the increased amount of available data. Marketers can now have a deeper view of...

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Facebook has Removed Story Descriptions

Facebook has made a radical change in the way trending topics are displayed. Before, Facebook's trending topics had a hurried description with them but now it has been changed to only show the number of mentions that the specific topic has received. 

An announcement was recently posted on Facebook's newsroom website which included a 'before change' screenshot and 'after change' screenshot. The changes were highlight and it was shown that the new trending topics layout is now more simplified. 

What Facebook Has Said

Facebook has stated that Trending...

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Practical Advise
How to create personalised email marketing campaigns for connecting with your customers
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As a marketer, your job is to create a positive experience for your potential customers. Offering your product or service through email marketing will do just that, but the question is; how can you personalise email marketing so it gets more clicks? Read this article to find out.

Use your real name
When you write an email to your potential customers, you would address them using their name in order to show that the email is legitimate. Since you don’t want your email to leave your customer feeling cold, it’s best that you use either your real name or include your brand name in...

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Inside Story
Pokemon Go: The 2nd step of the business model
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Pokémon Go has restarted the Pokémon cultural boom that we saw in the late 1990s. Although the Pokémon franchise never truly faded in popularity, street signs warning drivers not to play Pokémon Go have cropped up, alongside police advisories. In New York City's largest parks, stampedes of players can occasionally be seen chasing some of the game's rarest virtual critters.

Now, the game's creators Niantic have made public the second part of their business model (the first being in-app purchases). Real-world businesses of all stripes can pay to...

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Steps in Understanding How Muse Headband Works

Muse has been rated as the first tool anywhere in the world giving the user real-time and accurate feedback on what is taking place in brain during meditation. It is has been proven to bring numerous benefits over time and is built around focused attention-based training exercises.

Connecting Muse Headband
You start by linking Muse to your mobile device app through Bluetooth, done once only. When you use it for the first time, you’ll be guided through a simple tutorial on adjusting your Muse headband for the best fit and to make sure your brain signals are being read in the best...

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A step towards a cloud-based future
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The need for quick access of information by the users of Microsoft and Facebook has led the two companies to team up and build "MAREA", which is an undersea cable that aims at improving connectivity and speed to access of information across the Atlantic. The cable will extend from Virginia Beach to Bilbao, Spain. This cable is 4,101 miles (6,600 kilometres) in length. It will then be extended to network hubs in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Microsoft is creating a perfect room for the world's change to a cloud-based future. There are various avenue put in place to enhance the...

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Google's Project Fi - Changing The Way Phones Use Wireless

Google's Project Fi can help you to save money in the long run, especially if you travel. Although it should be recognised that it might not be for everyone. 

Since its launch Project Fi's service was a mere experimental one. The word Project was a giveaway as to the nature of its service. At first the service was only avaliable by invitation, but earlier in March 2016, Google opened the service up to everyone. 

Project Fi has shaken up the wireless industry since launch as it comes with a promise of being cheaper. The first thing that comes to mind when Project Fi is...

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Explore the New IBM Watson Features in the Twilio Marketplace

Twilio has teamed up with IBM to offer new IBM Watson features. Twilio works as a tool of communications for developers and businesses and makes the new Message Sentiment and Insights features available in form of add-ons for its marketplace. According to IBM, users of the new add-on will have access to additional messaging capabilities, which will allow businesses to understand keywords, entities and sentiments, with the sole aim of getting actionable insights from the raw data. 

Easy to integrate
The add-ons will come as part of the package of Twilio’s...

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